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If You Could Have Lost Weight on Your Own By Now, You Would Have! Together We will Get You To Your Weight Loss Goals

You’ll come each week to get weighed, and we’ll also call you (or you can call us) at least once a week to see how you’re progressing! We’ll want to know about your Food Diary, because by keeping your Food Diary,


as those people who don’t….so we’ll be checking on that!

Thousands of people before you have lost weight using this system. Now it’s your turn to get our help! In order to lose your weight, you need to surround yourself with positive, supportive people during this journey.

That’s what we are here for!.

It helps to have someone to answer your questions about the food and about the program. We at Club Reduce have been on these programs, so we know just how to help you. We’ll be here for you when you have a triumph or even in a weak moment




To Help With Weight Loss

One goal at Club Reduce is to help you learn how to trigger your fat-burning hormones.The more toxins you can release from your body, the better your hormones One great tool to keep your body detoxified and cleansed is by having INFRARED SAUNAS.

An Infrared sauna can burn up to 600 calories in half an hour, and it creates as much sweat as a six mile run.

The sharp increase of blood and lymphatic vessels leads to intense physical “squeezing” of subcutaneous fat deposits and weight loss without load on the heart.This gives you effective leverage over fat burning hormones.





Amazing New Technology To Speed Up Your Weight Loss!


-Accelerates Weight Loss

WBV stimulates all cells in the body to function at a higher rate, which in turn increases the metabolism causing more fuel to burn which helps to accelerate weight loss.

-Reduces Cellulite

WBV causes increased local circulation to targeted areas, in turn giving the visible cellulite area a “smoother” look.

-Increases Energy

WBV stimulates all cells in the body, increases blood flow and oxygen intake and stimulates metabolism to help flush out toxins.

-Increases Bone Density

There are two types of bone cells. Ostioblasts (bone maker) and ostioclast (bone shaper.) Bones loss is due to more ostioclast than ostioblast cells. WBV stimulates more weight bearing exercise and gravity stimu-lates ostioblast cells.

-Improves Muscle Strength

WBV improves muscle strength the same way as regular exercise does. Vibrations lengthen and shorten the fibers depending up-on the frequency.

-Enhances Wellness

WBV increases blood flow, lymph drainage, oxygenation of cells, the release of endorphins, and detoxification of the body.

-Enhances Detoxification

WBV works from the inside out. Waste products are expelled at a cellular, lymphatic and excretion level.

-Improves Circulation

WBV improves circulation through increased blood flow by stimulating the exercise heart rate.

-Improves Relaxation

WBV increases circulation, blood flow and oxygen intake. WBV also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and creates and releases endor-phins. It also detoxifies the system, enhancing relaxation.

-Reduces Varicose Veins

WBV causes increased lymph drainage, which lowers the pressure in varicose veins so the valves of the veins can close off.




For Inch Loss and Diminishing Cellulite

Unlike wraps you have heard of or read about, this specific wrap was developed by a bio chemist from the ULCA medical center. This wrap process was formulated to encourage circulatory and lympha

This wrap process was formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatc flow in patents. Research showed tha because of this increased flow of both the lymphatc and circulatory systems, the patents experienced cleansing of the tssues. This, in turn, caused healthy inch loss through internal cleansing.

Not only does the body benefit internally from this Body Wrap, but the external benefits of contouring and inch loss make this wrap ideal.

Club Reduce Body Wraps use herbal formulatons which work externally to internally. You will experience inch loss, diminishing of cellulite and body contouring. These results can be permanent and completely safe. This particular Body Wrap has been helping people lose inches for over 25 years!



To FINALLY Overcome Emotional  Eating So You Can Make the Lifestyle Changes to Maintain Your Weight for Life!


Studies show that 90% of people gain back the weight they lose! Why is it? Because people who are overweight are EMOTIONAL or STRESS eaters.

Recent research shows that excessive stress can suppress the immune system and cause you to gain weight. Therefore, it is vital to incorporate a program of stress reduction and relaxation into your weight loss program so that you will not only lose your weight, but so that you will keep it off!

By reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing relaxation, you can boost your immune system As part of your weight loss program, you will experience Self-Mastery Technology (SMT) sessions designed specifically to help you lose your weight and keep it off.


These systems have helped thousands of people to lose their weight and maintain it for life!

This is THE answer for emotional eating. If you do not do SMT to overcome stress and emotional eating, it will be almost impossible to lose your weight and keep!

Self-Mastery Technology will help you achieve the body size you have always wanted!



Work Together Synergistically to Speed Weight Loss!


In America, we eat poor quality foods that have been stripped of their nutrients. We are overfed and undernourished. However, given proper nutrition, the body has the amazing ability to heal itself and lose weight. In order to do this, your body needs high quality supplements. But not all supplements are the same. Most supplements you purchase are synthetic and not usable by the body.

We only use the highest quality supplementation at Club Reduce.

The supplements we use have been formulated by Master Herbalogists. These formulas work synergistically together to promote weight loss. Some of the many benefits of these supplements include:

kliponious-black-tickIncreased energy
kliponious-black-tickEnhanced vitality
kliponious-black-tickCleanses the body
kliponious-black-tickHelps purify the blood
kliponious-black-tickRemoves harmful food additives
kliponious-black-tickRestores energy to the entire body
kliponious-black-tickDestroys parasites in the digestive system
kliponious-black-tickStimulates natural action of the intestines
kliponious-black-tickRestores dietary fiber to the system
kliponious-black-tickHelps to produce “fat burning” enzymes
kliponious-black-tickHelps to reduce hunger pang

kliponious-black-tickAppeases the appetite naturally
kliponious-black-tickReduces nervous tension
kliponious-black-tickEliminates gas and mucous
kliponious-black-tickBreaks down and oxidizes fat
kliponious-black-tickHelps with depression
kliponious-black-tickHelps strengthen bones
kliponious-black-tickLowers risk of disease and infection
kliponious-black-tickBoosts immune system
kliponious-black-tickHelps break down cellulite
kliponious-black-tickIncrease circulation
kliponious-black-tickAnd MUCH, MUCH MORE!


You will be given the exact steps to follow on a daily basis.

You will know just what to do and just what to eat to lose your weight and feel great! Recipes are provided for you, or you can choose meals on your own based on the specific foods on your program for the day.


These foods guidelines and program were put together after many years of successfully helping thousands of patients get to their goal weight…and even more importantly…after helping thousands of patients FINALLY get healthy and achieve their desired energy levels! You will leave no stone unturned in this program!

You will be addressing every aspect of weight loss, and by doing all of these things together with our help, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Let’s get started!

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