Today, more people are
taking care of themselves

40 is the new 25 and 60 is the new 40.
people want to feel better
and look better.

Medically supervised weight loss
and regenerative medicine

are the first steps in feeling and looking great.

The doctors and support staff at New Concepts Medical lead the way

whether it's loosing 30 lbs for the class reunion next month
or being able to dance the night away without any knee pain,
New Concepts Medical can help you achieve your goals.

Welcome to New Concepts Medical, PC

“At New Concepts Medical, P.C., we believe beauty is  being the best possible version of you on the inside and out. Improving your health through weight loss, hair restoration or facial rejuvenation can help you look and feel amazing. Here at New Concepts Medical, P.C., we are staffed with board certified professionals, to create a comprehensive medically supervised program, customized to your personal needs. New Concepts Medical, P.C., along with, StartNew Medical, P.C. not only offers weight loss, facial and hair rejuvenation programs but a wide variety of services to bring health and wellness into our patients’ lives”.

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    • 18 JAN 17
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    9 Best Anti aging Natural Remedies and Skin Care Secrets

    9 Best Anti aging Natural Remedies and Skin Care Secrets

      Anti aging importance Anti aging is conceivable when the procedure of recovery prevailing over degeneration. If there should be an occurrence of recovery, the cells supplant itself with more grounded cells while in degeneration, existing supplant with weaker one. The procedure of recovery is named as anti-aging while the procedure of degeneration is called

    • 13 JAN 17
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    Are protein Shakes Necessary When Training

    Are protein Shakes Necessary When Training

    If you are training to make or maintain muscles then you might be wondering if protein shakes are a good thing for you or not. Well, when you do training for muscles building then you should have protein shakes. This is because it is a good practice to support your training along with increased macronutrient

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